About Us

Our Mission & Our Vision

We would like to introduce ourselves as a non-governmental organization to serve the under-privileged and uplift them.

Our Mission

  • Helping the Under Privileged children by providing Education & Educational Aids.
  • Helping the Youth in shaping their future by providing Education and helping them develop their skills.
  • Supporting Women in Distress & against Violence.
  • Providing a helping hand to the Senior Citizens.
  • Organizing Medical Awareness Camps for the under privileged.

Our Vision

To help the underprivileged, provide an opportunity to achieve their fullest potential and help them live a dignified life in the society.

Milestones since 2015 – 2020

  • Food Distribution during Covid Pandemic – Ongoing

    The coronavirus pandemic hit the lower strata of the society extremely hard. Prayas Foundation assisted 250 families including migrants till date by providing them ration supplies. Ration included rice, wheat, sugar, oil and pulses of various types including moong, masur etc.
  • Training on Police Reforms for women -

    Prayas Foundation with Commonwealth Human Right Initiative (CHRI) conducted a training on police reforms for 100 underprivileged women that focused to educate them on how to keep the girl child safe, how to approach the police and ask for help when required in Sept 2019
  • Digital Literacy for women –

    Prayas Foundation along with Niti Aayog organized a digital literacy program for women in the month Dec 2019. Few topics covered were: Usage of Smart phone to surf the internet, how to search and access Govt. schemes for under-privileged, how to write emails etc.
  • Program: Capacity program for community women – On Leadership

    Prayas Foundation organized a capacity building program for community women collaboration with Roshni Graha Community Centre. Sessions on Leadership were conducted all 3 consecutive years. 25 community women participated in this session. The objective of the workshops is to allow community leaders to reflect on and practice their values as well as build their knowledge and use resources to improve community performance. The workshops started off with icebreaker. Mishal spoke on different styles of leadership that help them to develop skills and confidence. She also discussed leadership qualities and gave a recipe to become a good leader. Women shared their community issues like, toilet, water, garbage etc. She guided how the women can take an initiative to solve these issues at community level. After a week; one of the women, Selvi P took the initiative to solve the toilet issue. She clicked pictures and drafted a letter with the help of Prayas. Also, her ration card was cancelled but with the help of Prayas, she solved the problem. This is the result of the session. The leaders improved their skills and performance throughout the years.
  • Program: Capacity building session for Women on Community Mapping

    Prayas Foundation has also organized Capacity session on community mapping program for community women in collaboration with Roshni Graha Community at Roshni Graha Hall, Poiser from 2015 - 2017. 20 women were present. Ms. Mishal Dabre conducted this session with activities. Women discussed community issues and what recourses they were getting. In the group, they made a chart and presentations of the topics. Action plan: Resource directory was created: -To visit BMC and private hospital to find out RGAY schemes -To take up toilet, Ration and Garbage issue
  • Program: Capacity Building Program for women on financial literacy

    Prayas Foundation had organized another Capacity session on financial literacy held at Roshni Graha CCO hall Poinsur. 20 women were present. CSA staff Mishal Dabre conducted this session with explained leaky bucket activities. Importance of saving, sources of income and how expenditure is calculated. Women started preparing their own budget sheet. Post this activity, these women realized the benefits of savings.
  • Distribution of Christmas Hampers to the underprivileged

    Christmas is a time to give. We have distributed Christmas hampers to the poor and this activity is conducted every Christmas since 2015 and has continued till date.
  • Enrollment of Underprivileged Children from Tribal Belt in BMC School

    We believe that “The success of any nation depends on the children and given the right opportunity and platform; they can mold themselves to become responsible citizens”. We have lot of underprivileged children across the nation whose parents cannot afford their education; hence the endeavor to help such parents and children was initiated by Prayas Foundation in 2016 and has continued since then. Prayas Foundation along with Bhartiya Prajasattak Paksha educated the parents of underprivileged children from Ambedkar Nagar, Borivali (West) tribal belt the importance of education for their children. 30 children were enrolled in the BMC School from this tribal belt successfully and are receiving full-fledged education as of today.
  • Aid for Damu Nagar Fire Victims

    Fire broke out in the slums of Damu Nagar, Kandivali (East) in 2015 due to a gas cylinder burst in one of the shacks and the flames engulfed the entire slum area. People staying in those shacks lost everything to the fire inluding basic necessities of everday life. Prayas Foundation helped the victims of this incident by providing them with food, pressure cookers, books for the children, bags, utensils and blankets. This activity was initiated and implemented twice as per the needs and wants of the victims.
  • Domestic Violence Awareness Workshop by Majilis

    As a part of the on-going awareness campaigns, Prayas Foundation has been organizing regular awareness workshops against Domestic Violence for the under privileged women since 2015. The aim of this workshop is to educate the women regarding domestic violence and their rights to combat the same.
  • Saheli Diwas - Consumer Rights Awareness Program, Love Yourself – Self Healing of Mind and Body

    Prayas Foundation on Makarsankranti (Pongal) has initiated Consumer Rights Awareness Program, awareness interactive session for Self-Healing of Mind and Body conducted by Dr. Evelyn Sequeira for the ladies followed by Haldi Kumkum Program. This tradition has been followed diligently from 2015 till date.

Other Projects Handled

Cancer Collection Drive

Prayas Foundation along with Cancer Patients Association every year holds a Cancer Collection Drive, the proceeds of which go to CPA for the underprivileged cancer patients who are not able to afford cancer treatment.

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Children’s Day Celebration

The Children’s day celebration is held every 14th Nov to commemorate our First Prime Minister’s Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru’s birthday.

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Blood Donation Drive

Since 2015, Prayas Foundation on a yearly basis conducts Blood Donation Drive.

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Nutrition Drive for Children

Nutritional drive has been conducted for children who are physically weak. This was done in association with Kellogg’s.

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